HIPPO – Low Pressure Paint Transfer Pump


HIPPO – Low Pressure Paint Transfer Pump Suitable for transferring paint material, Oil, Petrol, Diesel, Resin, Plastisol (PVC) Adhesive. Feed multiple spray guns, Electrostatics spraying, paint circulation systems etc. Used in industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Auto ancillary etc.

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Transferring paint materials, oils, explosive liquids, feed multiple spray guns and paint circulation systems.
This pump is manufactured and supplied by us both in local and international market.

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* Pneumatically sensed Air Motor
* High Flow Rate
* Stainless Steel rust proof Hydraulic Body
* Ice Free Motors
* Light and easy Handle
* Low shear output
* Easy maintenance
* Compact size
* Hard coating piston and cylinder
* Resistance to wear and tear
* Durable
* Easily replaceable
* Compliance to EC norms

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